TJ - Love Letters From Cyberspace

TJ - Love Letters From Cyberspace
TJ - Productions 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

First reviews are in

While Thomas's sister says that his voice isn't as strong sounding as on previous releases, his long-term musical collaborator and friend Thomas Racz gives it a B Minus and likes all songs apart from the second and the third and especially loves "What's going on?".

Another friend of TJ's, Peggy Holzwig, who knows all releases from 2000 onwards plus attended most TJ gigs in Ireland says:

"13 wonderfully relaxing, easy listening, honest songs on this album. I love every beat. You are getting better with every album! I really like the cover image. I know you for so long and it's so lovely to finally see you both there ;)"*

* - meaning TJ and his girlfriend

Listen to the album on the official website or on our myspace page and leave your comments!

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