TJ - Love Letters From Cyberspace

TJ - Love Letters From Cyberspace
TJ - Productions 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

TJ on E-Wave

TJ's interview with "E-Wave" host George Mulcahy turned out to be very interesting as it touched on song writing and the music industry as such. You can listen back to it HERE

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Well-Paced", "Melodic", "Good Job" - latest review

The latest review is in: See original post HERE

I better get this out of the way. Yes, TJ is German. Yes he makes electronic music. Yes he looks like a drummer in a metal band. No, he doesn’t sound like Kraftwerk.
TJ has been living in Ireland since 2000 and ‘Love letters from Cyberspace’ is his 12th album. It seems that TJ is influenced by 80′s electronic acts and has a definite euro feel to it but there’s nothing wrong with that.

The tracks are musically melodic and well produced for the genre. Overall the lyrics seems quite confessional and a little sad even. As the album title suggests ‘Love Letters from Cyberspace’ these seem like unwritten letters to a (ex) lover. Interesting concept.

The lyrics don’t take away from the music though, TJ good a good job but I’d love to hear what female vocals, an octave higher would sound like. The album veers towards the trance side of electronica at times and could quite easily go into soundtrack mode.
Its a good well paced album. Key Tracks: The melodic poppy ‘You’ve Come This Far’ and the pleaful of ‘Please Love Me’ and reminiscent ‘Nothing’.

This was written for MusicReviewUnsigned


Das gleich vornweg: Ja, TJ ist Deutscher. Ja, er macht elektronische Musik. Ja, er sieht aus wie ein Schlagzeuger in einer Metal Band. Nein, er klingt nicht wie Kraftwerk. Seit 2000 lebt TJ in Irland und “Love Letters From Cyberspace” ist sein 12. Album. Es scheint als waere TJ von den elektronischen Kuenstlern der 80er beeinflusst ist und er hat ein definitves Euro Pop Feeling aber das ist nicht weiter schlimm.

Die Lieder sind melodisch und fuer das Genre gut produziert. Insgesamt sind die Texte recht Zugestehend und sogar ein wenig traurig. Wie der Album Name schon sagt: “Love Letters From Cyberspace”, diese sind wie ungeschriebene Liebesbriefe an einen Ex – Liebhaber. Interesantes Konzept.

Die Texte nehmen der Musik jedoch nichts weg. TJ leistet gute Arbeit aber ich wuerde gerne hoeren wie eine 1-Oktave-Hoehere Frauenstimme zur Musik klingt. Das Album bewegt sich stellenweise in die Trance Richtung der elektronischen Musik und koennte schnell in die Film Musik Richtung umschlagen. Es ist ein gutes, gemuetliches Album Anspieltipps: Das melodisch poppige “You’ve come this far”, das sehnliche “Please love me” und das evokative “Nothing”.

Vanessa Monaghan

Thursday, July 22, 2010

3-Parter on YouTube

2010 marks TJ's 30th anniversary as a songwriter. At the tender age of 13, back in 1980, he wrote his first ever song and the rest is history as they say.

To honour and highlight his work over the last 30 years a three-part-series has been uploaded onto YOUTUBE.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Latest Review: Ex-Digital Dreams vocalist Franca Ludwig on "Love Letters ..."

Picture: "Digital Dreams - Konzert gegen Armut" 1996 / "Concert against Poverty" in 1996


TJ and the original Digital Dreams vocalist Franca Ludwig (born PETTRICH) remained friends over the years and Franca and her kids visited TJ in Ireland earlier this year.

That's what she had to say about the CD:

" mir gefällt die cd so wie sie ist sehr gut. die melodien sind so typisch thomas, eine mischung von allem aber insgesammt doch sehr ruhig und wie ich finde wirkt sie traurig, aber angenehm traurig, klingt komisch oder?

mein favorit ("Nothing") bleibt bestehen, aber alle anderen lieder sind auch sehr schön zu hören. die melos gefallen mir alle total gut, ein lied ich weiß gerade nicht wie es heißt die cd ist im auto ist etwas strange auch typisch für dich. also fazit: gutes werk gute melodien schöne (angenehm traurige;0) ) texte, ruhig. HAST DU FEIN GEMACHT TOMMILEIN!!! "


I like the CD just the way it is very much. The melodies are typically TJ, a mixture of everything but all in all very quiet and I think the CD sounds sad, but in a nice way, if that makes sense?

My favourite ("Nothing") remains but all other tracks are quite nice to listen to as well. I particularly like the melodies. One song, the name escapes me now, the CD is in the car, sounds a bit strange, which is typically TJ as well.

In all: Good CD, good melodies, sad (but pleasantly sad) lyrics, quiet. WELL DONE, TOM.

- Thanks to Franca for the review

TJ on NEAR 90 FM - again

After TJ's appearance on Near90FM's "Club Cheol" on July 20th, he will again be featured on the station.

On Friday, July 30th 2010, 9p.m. GMT (UK and IE time) TJ will be a guest on "E-Wave", hosted and produced by George Mulcahy (pictured).

You can listen locally on 90.3fm or globally via the mighty internet

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TJ interviewed for "Culture Cafe"

DCU FM's Vanessa Monaghan interviewed TJ about his latest release "Love Letters From Cyberspace", his 3-decade-spanning career, veganism, animals and more ... soon to be aired and (possible) printed online!!


Vanessa Monaghan interviewed TJ @ The Exchequer Hotel, Dublin on July 19th 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

TJ on "Culture Cafe"

TJ will be interviewed by Vanessa Monaghan for her "Culture Cafe" show. The interview will be pre-recorded next Monday and an on air date will have to be confirmed.

Watch this space

Monday, July 12, 2010

TJ on "Club Cheol" on July 20th 2010, 4.30p.m. GMT

Radio host and DJ Aoife NicCanna will be talking to Thomas "TJ" Janak on Near90FM's "Club Cheol".

TJ has been a guest of Aoife's a number of times and he is looking forward to meeting up with her again.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

First reviews are in

While Thomas's sister says that his voice isn't as strong sounding as on previous releases, his long-term musical collaborator and friend Thomas Racz gives it a B Minus and likes all songs apart from the second and the third and especially loves "What's going on?".

Another friend of TJ's, Peggy Holzwig, who knows all releases from 2000 onwards plus attended most TJ gigs in Ireland says:

"13 wonderfully relaxing, easy listening, honest songs on this album. I love every beat. You are getting better with every album! I really like the cover image. I know you for so long and it's so lovely to finally see you both there ;)"*

* - meaning TJ and his girlfriend

Listen to the album on the official website or on our myspace page and leave your comments!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Official Website Updated

The official website has been updated and also includes some full-length songs from the new album for you to listen to.